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Charge and Adjustment Entry Page

The Charge and Adjustment entry location within Medical Billing Assistant empowers your office to track each transaction with a high degree of success. Your collections are valuable, therefore, it is important to have one of the strongest practice management tools available.

  • Use incidents to track and group related charges. Keeps track of pre-authorization numbers and how many visits are left
  • Reference CPT and ICD-9 codes by either the code or the description.
  • Use up to 8 diagnoses per charge
  • Use up to 4 modifiers per charge

Patient Charges Screen

  • Assign charges to responsible parties so that the program can track insurance submissions and payment responsibility
  • Unique "Charge On Hold" field allows the user to post the charge yet place it on hold to prevent it from being billed until removed from hold. Charge error report reminds you of charges that are on hold every time insurance claims are submitted.
  • Users can post to their own individual batch so that they can balance separately from other users
  • Charge defaults from patient's last procedure minimize the amount of data entry and speed the charge entry process
  • Search through the included master ICD-9 and CPT databases for key words when adding new codes
  • Through the use of fee schedules, the system automatically references the amount to charge a patient with certain insurance coverage. The ability to add multiple fee schedules provides a dynamic approach to fit any office situation.
  • Charge summary screen contains expected co-payment amount information
  • Charge summary screen allows you to review what you have posted for this patient. It provides a total for the day's charges so that you can balance with the charge ticket
  • Immediately and quickly post a patient payment after the charge entry from this screen

Adjustment Entry

Patient Adjustments
  • With MBA's Patient Adjustment Screen the user can post the payment and adjustment from an EOB at the same time
  • MBA's adjustment defaults remember the date, check number, adjustment type, and insurance company used on the most recent adjustment. This allows for quicker data entry of insurance EOB's
  • Color coded transaction types
  • An on screen running total of all payments posted for a particular check number, allows for quick visual reconciliation with insurance EOB's
  • At the time of posting the payment, the system will automatically file any remaining balance to other insurance providers; if no other providers are listed the system automatically bills the patient
  • The user can post the payments and adjustments to a separate batch other than the charges
  • The user can quickly and easily posts to all open charges for the patient or family account
  • The user can apply a payment across several patient's accounts that are linked together as a family

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