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Welcome, We provide Medical Billing Software. Are you looking for TSMA Consulting? Go To www.tsmaconsulting.com or click -
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Medford Medical Systems has provided billing and office management software, as well as practice management and systems consultation for over 30 years. By setting exceptional service standards and providing great products, Medford Medical Systems has become widely popular throughout the nation. Providing medical facilities with the tools to be successful is the goal at Medford Medical Systems. Our success is dependant on our client's success.

Looking for a system that can integrate with your EMR/EHR? We have setup custom interfaces for several EHR systems, and we can build an interface with any EMR/EHR system that accepts standard HL7 messages. If you are interested in a first-rate EHR solution that integrates well with MBA we invite you to look into Sevocity. Click here to find out more information


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